Is One Piece the best anime ?


one piece best anime

One Piece is a manga composed and delineated by Eiichirō Oda and is presently the most bought manga on the planet. It started to be distributed in the Japanese magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump on October 10, 2011 the parts were distributed in volumes and at present 96 volumes have been distributed. Then again, Toei Animation makes the anime that has been communicated on Fuji TV since October 20, 1999, which is presently being communicated.

One Piece is the smash hit manga of Shonen Jump magazine, (the main, perceived and sold of the medium), of the Shueisha distributing house, and of history, with in excess of 450 million 3 duplicates sold around the world, and in Japan it was the top rated manga continuously from 2007 to 2018, accomplishing a chronicled record. In the overview led by the Japanese Culture Agency on the fifty best anime and manga in Japan, One Piece merch arrived at number 11. The anime has additionally gotten a few acknowledgments. In TV Asahi’s 2005 positioning of the 100 most well known anime ever, in view of an online study in Japan, One Piece topped at number 6 In 2016 it was the tenth longest anime in history.6 7 and the one that has announced the most profit to its creator, holding the Guinness record as the top rated comic throughout the entire existence of the world.

one piece anime

Synopsis :

We are in the days when pirates still plied the seas in search of victims. A few groups of pirates wanted to seize a well-hidden treasure, One Piece, which was left by the legendary pirate G. Roger. One day, Luffy, a young boy who has always admired pirates, mistakenly ate devil fruit and turned into a rubber man. Ten years later, Luffy decided to sail on his own to become a famous pirate by finding the One Piece. And that’s where his adventure begins !

21 years later, the One Piece series is still ongoing in Japan and fans all around the world are still waiting to discover the legendary treasure : the One Piece !

Is One Piece the best Manga in the world ?

With a manga that lasts this long and has so many fans, it is legitimate to wonder if One Piece is the best manga of all time. Many renowned mangakas and journalists recognize the greatness of this work. Indeed One Piece has more than 1000 chapters and more than 950 episodes at the moment. Eiichiro Oda masters his work perfectly, he knew the end, the issues, the characters of the series before even starting to draw. He not only created a simple story but an entire mythology that can be compared to that of great works such as Harry Potter or The Lords of the Rings for example.

one piece anime

We all agree that Dragonball is the most notorious anime out. It’s responsible for pretty much every American presentation into anime, however One Piece by its longevity and its perfect mastery of its mythology (no element, character, location is left to chance, everything makes sense) makes One Piece superior to Dragon Ball. One Piece is the student who surpassed the master, the master here being Dragon Ball.

Is the One Piece series worth to be watched ?

If you are still hesitating to start the One Piece adventure, here are some reasons that One Piece is an incredible work.

Its gigantic world

one piece world map

One Piece has the best world structure in anime history. It’s so sweeping. Skypiea, Alabasta, Ennies Lobby, Impel Down, Marineford, Sabaody, Fishman Island, Punk Haz ard, Dressrosa, Whole Cake Island,  Wa No Ku ni, , and there’s a lot more. Each place feels like an encounter. The way that the world is so enormous isn’t the reason the world structure is so astounding the reality the world has such a lot of detail in it. It doesn’t simply rotate around the Straw Hat Pirates. Significant things occur in this world without The Straw Hats contribution and each objective really matters. One Piece may have the best world design ever.

The characters are very well written

When contrasted with others anime like Naruto, Dragon Ball or Bleach, One Piece sits on the highest point with regards to elegantly composed characters. While the first 3 have numerous incredible characters moments, One Piece is on an entire other level, bragging an extensive cast completely acknowledged and affable characters that praise each other splendidly.

Each character feels genuine & real, regardless of what figures of speech they may display, and none of their progressions or improvement feel constrained. While the antagonists may have conflicting intentions and disappointing subplots hauling them down, One Piece seems to be the work that comes closest to the « real world »

No characters is left behind

one piece all character

There’s characters notwithstanding in the event that they were saints or scoundrels that actually matter in One Piece. There’s characters from the earliest starting point that actually matter 900 parts/scenes later.

Even the most side characters leave an enormous effect on the story. Besides, they in every case ultimately return, giving fans a « where are they now » finish to their circular segment that may have happened many sections previously.

Eiichiro Oda has placed a lot of foreshadowing in his creation, making him the master of mangakas !

The Mysteries

The world of One Piece is filled with mysteries and puzzles that fascinate fans. Some have lasted a very long time and are making the heyday of discussion forums! Everyone has their own idea of ​​course, but the truth is that no one has a satisfactory answer. Only Master Oda has the keys that would allow us to satisfy our curiosity, unfortunately he is not ready to give them to us, the scoundrel !

In conclusion & put simply, One Piece takes you on an unshakeable path of exciting adventures. It has a wonderful set of characters that grow on you as you delve deeper into the series and learn about their pasts, backgrounds, and personalities. One Piece is a phenomenal story with awe-inspiring action, interesting characters, beautiful artwork, and exceptional music.

Where to watch One Piece ?

There are many way to watch One Piece legally such as platforms like Viz, Crunchyroll or Funimation.

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